I am a Teacher!

Surprise: I am a teacher!  

I have been trying to be the best teacher I can be, and makeup artist. Today I failed. 

You don't need to know the details of my failure, but Taber encouraged me to share my secret- I have another job and I can't be the perfect business owner anymore. He said I have "too much on my plate". Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed and confused about how to solve a problem, I just decide to be 100% honest here it goes! 


My uncle says stress is when expectation and reality don't match up. True that. 

Reality: I'm not taking many clients during the school year, but I will continue to take brides and summer clients. I can't reply to emails within the hour like I used to, or have a flexible schedule from Sept-June. I have to say 'no' more during the school year. I will continue to share my love of makeup because that has not changed. 

Thanks for sticking with me all these years. Sorry if I haven't been as great of an artist as I used to be, I wish I could be perfect at everything... but I'm letting PERFECTION go (somehow... a hybrid of yoga/positive self talk/Maverick cuddles/BFF phone chats/being honest are in order). 

Big love- from my little makeup and teaching loving heart, 


B. Ed with a minor is Social Studies (lol) and makeup artist

01.20.16 Drugstore Haul

I repurchased some real gems today at the drugstore! 


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer:

Great shade range, especially nice highlight shades. The consistency is too thin to be called 'creamy', but it layers nicely. Lasts on average 5hrs with minimal creasing, and medium coverage. So, so good.  

NYX Matte Finish: 

This setting spray is more alcohol packed than glycerine (unlike Mac Fix+), which gives the skin a slight sheen that's easily tamed with a dusting of powder. Matte Finish gives more expensive setting sprays a run for their money, helping makeup last 12hrs +.

Maybelline The Falsies: 

This mascara is more glamorous and dramatic than natural- just the way I like my makeup! Each coat really pumps up the volume with an impactful jet black that doesn't flake or smudge. 

Benefit Individual Lashes: 

I'm waiting for Eyemimo Lashes to arrive in the mail. In the meantime, these will do. I like how each package (the one pictured) contains four different lengths of group flares to create realistic, fluffy lashes. 

Real Techniques Makeup Sponge: 

Not as good as the Beauty Blender, but $20 cheaper. 

Milani Blush in Pink Dolce: 

OMG. OMG. This baked blush is the most stunning, baby pink with a subtle gold shimmer. Beautiful on all skin tones. Probably not the best for uneven texture like wrinkles or acne, but everyone else... Start the car! 

Smashbox Blush in Flush: 

A staple in my kit, every bride loves this shade. A subtle, natural baby pink with the most gentle frost to give a natural looking glow. 

Smashbox Lipstick in Famous: 

A pretty nude lipstick, with a sheen. The peach undertone makes it wearable on most light to medium skin tones. Nothing to freak out about, but reliably pretty. You'll reach for Famous often. 

Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows: 

It'll only take $6 to change your eyeshadow life. Pick up one of these shimmering little beauties from Rexall tonight- they're on sale! I have the shades Amber Rush (a peachy champagne) and Bronzed Taupe (a blow-your-socks-off-beautiful shade of taupe perfect for the office or date night). I can't say enough about how pigmented and pretty these are. Best applied with your finger on the centre of the lid for a pop of color. No seriously, you need these. 




Meet Erika. This is her natural hair!

Erika Beigle

Whenever I'm doing makeup on clients with exceptionally fair features (even though her skin isn't that fair, her hair is), it's important to keep in mind colors pop! I typically gravitate towards a more neutral, brown palette with hints of gold. Black looks beautiful when used correctly! 

If you have colouring like Erika, check out Mac Harmony for the cheeks, or All That Glitters and Soft Brown eyeshadow. 

I dusted her under eye with YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector, which IS nothing short of magical! This powder really perfected her skin making it look smooth an luminous. If you like the Hourglass Ambient Light powder... you will love this. 

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Perfector

Have a beautiful day. 





Amber does nails, and @permanentmakeupedmonton (on Instagram). I had the pleasure of doing her makeup recently. 

Amber MakeupandMeg
MakeupandMeg Amber

Anddddd, we change the light! 

Amber Makuep

How to recreate this look: 

Brows: I defined Amber's eyebrows using Geisha Ink, in Dark Hair. It's a liquid liner pen in brow hair color- MAGIC. Draw hair-like strokes in the direction of your hair growth. Always keep brows lighter at the front. If you made your brows too dark, simply comb the product out using a spoolie or clean mascara wand. 

Eyes: I lined Amber's eyes with a crap-load of black liner in her waterline- top and bottom. I used Anastasia Waterproof Creme Liner in Jet. Gel liner is easy to use because it has a 5-second set time, so you have time to move the products and fix your mistakes. This gel liner does not budge, even in your waterline. If you're still practicing liner, and haven't got your line perfect here's a trick: Powder any black line you've created with a black powder on a thin angle brush. Tracing over your line will create a slight smoked out effect, and make that liner PERFECT. 

Cheeks: I kept Amber's eyes and lips pretty neutral, so I decided to amp up her blush. I used Smashbox Blush Rush Flush (a light, shimmery pink ALL fair chicks love) all over the cheek, and popped Smashbox Radiance (fluorescent fuchsia) on the high points of her cheeks. 

Thanks for reading.

Have a beautiful day, 



Meet Julie. She's naturally stunning, so I felt she didn't need much makeup. 

Makeup Before and After: Julie
Makeup Before and After Julie
Makeup Before and After

To create this look, I used: 

1) Smashbox Photofinish Primer

Primer helps makeup stay through out the day, and preps the skin for makeup- making it more smooth! I find most primers very similar- a drugstore primer will likely do just a well as a more expensive brand like Smashbox! 

2) Mac Paint Pot in Painterly all over the eyes, followed by Mac All That Glitters. 

Paint pots primer the eye so shadow colors really pop. Paint pots lock shadow on so they last SO LONG! I like Painterly and Soft Ochre. 

3) Ardelle Individual Lashes in Short Black

Individual lashes are so easy to apply yourself, and give a more natural, volumous look than strip lashes. You can buy these at Rexall and Wal-Mart (not Shopper's). 

5) Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC20

I use Mac Studio Fix Fluid on most of my clients because it's full coverage and looks great in photos. It's not moisturizing, or excessively long lasting (a more dry formula like Mac Pro Long Wear). If you buy this for yourself, remember you only need a tiny drop. Use a damp beauty blender for most natural results, like Julie's! 

6) Mac Faux on the lips, topped with Mac Ample Pink

Okay, Mac Faux... beautiful and easy to wear. A must. 

Your Edmonton Makeup Artist, 



Review: Powder Inc. Workshop

I attended Nicole Wagner, from Powder Inc.'s makeup class in Edmonton at the beginning of October. Here is my review: 

I have been to dozens of makeup classes and Nicole's is hands-down one of the best! Nicole is well known on Instagram (and her city Portland) for her flawless makeup style, and guess what...?! Her makeup was PERFECTION in real life! She kindly shared every product she used, answered our questions thoroughly, and explained in great detail how to create her signature style. She is an excellent teacher, and artist alike. I left feeling like I learned a lot, and inspired to create new makeup looks! 

Here are some photos from the class (some from Uryelle Dimailig Photography & Design): 

Here is the look I re-created using her product guide, and easy to follow instructions: 


If Nicole is putting on a class in your city, you MUST NOT miss it!!! I promise you'll enjoy yourself and learn so much! 

Your Edmonton makeup artist, 


Be sure to check out @powderincmakeup on Instagram! 



Today is an exciting day! Nicole Wagner is here, from Powder Inc., to teach her 3 hour makeup workshop Flawless

I am helping Nicole organize the event, and received SO. MUCH. SWAG. in the mail for students tonight! 

Beauty Blenders:


My Daughter Fragrences: 


Uryelle Dimailig Photography & Design will be taking the photos for the event, and Svetlana Yanova in Calgary. Nicole will be bringing her Powder Inc. brush sets. YegWed will be donating free advertising to artists. Veil Beauty Co. and Backstage Cosmetics will also be sponsoring giveaway items! 

And me... I'm EXCITED (AND I've had 4 cups of coffee... AND I can't breath, lolololol. WOOT WOOT).

Big love, 



204 Park is an Edmonton blog I've had a crush on for along time. Diana's photos are often centred on decor, and lifestyle. She visited my studio last week to get a mauve and rose gold shellac manicure. 

204 Park Manicure

Why Shellac is THE. BEST. 

CND Shellac is a brand, and the product is stinkin' expensive. A lot of salons says they do shellac, but it's usually gel polish, not true CND Shellac. CND Shellac is amazing because you don't have to buff the nail bed with an electric file. Real shellac doesn't damage your nails, and lasts a long time! My clients are impressed as their nails get healthier and stronger over time. 

Insider information: Diana is offering a smoking deal over at her blog... 

XX Meg


Makeup Artist:

Nicole Wagner, form Powder Inc.  @powderincmakeup on Instagram. 

Class Location:

Edmonton Oct 1st, 7-10pm. Tickets here. (Facebook event, here)

Calgary Oct 3 4-7pm. Tickets here. (Facebook event, here

Who is Nicole Wagner?

Nicole is a Portland makeup artist, trained at Blanche MacDonald, specializing in bridal makeup. She has won best makeup artist in Oregon Bride Magazine in 2011, and 2014. Her company Powder Inc. has a team of makeup artists, and travels throughout North America teaching classes, and doing makeup. 

Nicole's makeup is OFF. THE. CHAIN. PERFECTION.

How Do I Know Nicole?

Jump back half a year ago. I contracted myself to a big makeup company who gave me the go ahead to contact big bloggers and makeup artists I admired to send product and interview for their blog. I chose the boss behind a big makeup company in LA, a beauty columnist for Cosmo Magazine, and Nicole Wagner from Powder Inc. 

Whether you're an established makeup artist, or regular woman looking to learn more about makeup, join us! In addition to being an amazing artist, Nicole is charismatic, and her energy and creativity inspires me 10x over every time we chat. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 



5 Magical Ways of Thinking That Will Change Your Life

5 Magical Ways of Thinking That Will Change Your Life

1) Say positive things about other people, and they'll start to live up to your words. Ex: When you're talking to your spouse, remind them how much you appreciate how caring and loving they are to you. They'll start to act more caring and loving. 

2) Live in a fantasy, and eventually your dreams and reality start to match up. I used to miss the bus on my way home from university sometimes, because I was fantasizing about my makeup career... And the CRAZIEST part, is so much of what I used to wish for is my life now. 

3) Hard work always pays off in some way or another, so hustle your little butt!!! If you want more from your life, and it's feeling blasé, work overtime, be more disciplined and watch doors open, opportunities arrive and massive shifts happen in the landscape of your life. 

4) Expect good results. Go into situations- relationships, work, family- with the expectation that everything is good, and working in your favour.  

5) Ignore negativity. I struggle with this sometimes because I miss things that are actually going on in my real life because I'm in a la-la land. Lots of people criticize me for wearing rose coloured glasses and not being real about my feelings... But I don't mind. Focusing on the positive helps me feel happy. As soon as I start to complain, criticize or judge I start to feel down.

It takes a strong mind to be positive, and positivity is essential to success and happiness. I'm convinced that mastering our own mind and being disciplined in our thinking and actions leads to the most abundant life possible. Look at people who are winners, I bet you a million bucks they think like this... Positive thinking is a choice and practice. 



P.s. I got new glasses: 



Meet Teaghan.

I met her last year through a work thang, and I immediately thought, "80's super model." She has the beautiful full brow, perfect cheek bone, long hair Cindy Crawford thing going on. 

I kept her makeup light, as I felt her natural beauty speaks for itself, and her freckles are too cute to cover. 

More photos with my iPhone: 


Teaghan is a stylist in Edmonton, Alberta

It was a pleasure doing your makeup! 




I used to have a blog with over 400+ posts about happiness. It dissolved into the internet abyss. Loosing all my hard work (and $5000+ to a faulty web company) bothered me a lot- I've lost a lot of sleep worry about it and regretting my mistakes over my website for the past year. 

Blogging about happiness was cathartic, and inspired me to be a better person. So here I am, beginning again.

The theme today: Getting Un-stuck.

I get stuck in my head easy. I often feel underwhelmed by my own accomplishments, and feel like would rather do nothing than try because I'm afraid to fail. This is when I feel stuck. 


I practice re-framing my thinking in order to be more productive and happy.

7 Ways to Re-Frame Your Thinking About Failure: 

1)  It's not a failure, it's learning experiences.

2) Mistakes are reminders to pay more attention to details. 

3) Mistakes show you're trying, and taking action! 

4) Live in the moment. The past (1 year ago, yesterday, 1 minute ago) is gone. What can you do NOW to make tomorrow better?

5) Kick your own a$$. It's easy to be a be a bump on a log and get stuck in a rut, but it's important to remember we're only alive for 80 years and I'm already 1/3 of the way along! Kick your own a$$ every day to do better and be better, because that's living.

6) Be confident in change. Be confident there is something brilliant and meant for you waiting on the other side. 

7) Challenges change us and build strength. Tension motivates change and improvement. 

"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven." - John Milton

Wishing you a positive day, where you create your own wins and successes. 




Yes, Jenny is stunning... But she's so sweet, too. 


To create Jenny's makeup, I used: 

Eyes: Mac Twins, and Mac All that Glitters (Bride's... This combo is for you!) and Evelyn Iona Natural and Organic Gel Liner

Cheeks: Benefit Hoola to contour, and Mac Blush Baby blush

Lips: NYX Creme Brule mixed with Mac Dervish lipliner

Thanks for having me on your special day, Jenny! 

Book you 2016 wedding now: Makeupandmeg@gmail.com 

Big love, 



Uryelle is a GIRL. BOSS. 

I truly admire this woman. She is a professional photographer and graphic designer who specializes in fashion-inspired photography. She works extremely hard, and is immensely creative (view her portfolio here). 

I did her makeup a few weeks ago, and she looks totally Beyonce-esque: 

Uryelle Makeup 2

Makeup used: 

Eyes: Mac Swiss Chocolate, and Mac Embark. Evelyn Iona Natural and Organic Gel Liner.

... Both beautiful deep reddish browns, that blend amazingly into medium skin tones. 

Brows: Geisha Ink, Dark Hair

Cheeks: Mac Warm Soul

Lips: Lime Crime Velvatine in Cashmere, with Mac Dervish lip liner. 

Big love and hugs, 


P.s. Her hair, too, though... <3 


I get a lot of messages from people asking me, "how can I become a makeup artist, and should I go to school?" 

Here's a video detailing exactly how I got here- working full time as a makeup artist, lash tech., and nail tech. 


Step 1) I am have always been totally obsessed with makeup, and driven by creativity. 

Step 2) I developed my interests, by investing time, money and energy into makeup through classes, books, practice, other artists, work, etc. 

Step 3) I practice makeup, and share my love for makeup. 

Step 4) Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

I haven't been to school other than a 20hr course at Sen Studios (which was awesome). I have attended a handful of IMATS events, and go to as many short courses as I can. I am SO excited to attend the Flawless Face Basics: Makeup workshop for every day women with Nicole Wagner in Edmonton, Oct.1 7-10pm

I live and breath makeup artistry, so I am motivated to work hard simply because I enjoy doing makeup. I would do makeup for free, always, ha ha. Secret to life: Find what you love, and love it hard. 



P.s. Here's my very first makeup video, where I FREAK OUT with happiness after attending IMATS: 


@MmeganKathleen and I connected in the most modern friend making way: Instagram. Megan is a social media strategist and self-described woo girl (I'm 28, and I am completely unfamiliar with this term, lol). 

I did Megan's makeup this week for Uniquely Me 2015, an event put on by Edmonton Down Syndrome Society

I created a #softandsmokey eye with Urban Decay Naked 2's Tease (ugh, I love this matte taupe shade)! 

I smoked out the upper lash line with Mac Smoulder. A smokey eye isn't a smokey eye with out this bad boy! 

And voila! 


Megan has big eyes- beautiful! A good way to keep eyeshadow a bit more subtle, is to skip liner on the bottom lash line. I swept Tease on the lower lash line, and that's it to keep the look more clean. 

Be a sweetheart and follow me on Instagram at @MakeupandMeg! Let's be friends. 




New service: I am teaching 35minute brow classes; $35. 

Brows highlight your eyes, and help define your look.

Here are a few photos from recent classes (brows on the left are unfinished, brows on the right are after): 


In this class, I will teach you how to create the perfect brow for your unique face shape. We will trim, tweeze and fully groom the brows, followed by filling them in. I will show you the best, easy to use brow products. These products are water proof, and DO NOT budge.... 

Book now: makeupandmeg@gmail.com or text 780-868-7704

Super kindly, 




I got down to my skivvies and got sprayed by Jodi Broadhead (Ohh-La-Lash). I was in a little tent, and the whole process took about 15 minutes or less. 

Before I got spray tanned: 


4 hours after: 


8 hours: 

2 days later, with bronzer: 


1 week later: 

My review:

My tan developed to the darkest shade 8 hours following my appointment. After showering, I was a beautiful bronze- no orange! I exfoliated well before the appointment. I have no weird fading or patchiness. No streaks. One week later my face is pale again, but my legs are super tan still.

Only negative: I noticed my pores looked slightly darker on my face, and I ALWAYS get blemishes from any tanning solution on my face. Dang it, so I have a few.

My spray tan was perfection and I'm jonesing for another one! I would absolutely recommend this for a bride! 

Your girl, 


P.s. Look at my eyebrows with no product. Book your 35min, $35 brow class today to learn my tips and tricks to go from sparse to Brooke Shields!