Amber does nails, and @permanentmakeupedmonton (on Instagram). I had the pleasure of doing her makeup recently. 

Amber MakeupandMeg
MakeupandMeg Amber

Anddddd, we change the light! 

Amber Makuep

How to recreate this look: 

Brows: I defined Amber's eyebrows using Geisha Ink, in Dark Hair. It's a liquid liner pen in brow hair color- MAGIC. Draw hair-like strokes in the direction of your hair growth. Always keep brows lighter at the front. If you made your brows too dark, simply comb the product out using a spoolie or clean mascara wand. 

Eyes: I lined Amber's eyes with a crap-load of black liner in her waterline- top and bottom. I used Anastasia Waterproof Creme Liner in Jet. Gel liner is easy to use because it has a 5-second set time, so you have time to move the products and fix your mistakes. This gel liner does not budge, even in your waterline. If you're still practicing liner, and haven't got your line perfect here's a trick: Powder any black line you've created with a black powder on a thin angle brush. Tracing over your line will create a slight smoked out effect, and make that liner PERFECT. 

Cheeks: I kept Amber's eyes and lips pretty neutral, so I decided to amp up her blush. I used Smashbox Blush Rush Flush (a light, shimmery pink ALL fair chicks love) all over the cheek, and popped Smashbox Radiance (fluorescent fuchsia) on the high points of her cheeks. 

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