5 Ways to Complain Less:

Complaining is the opposite of gratitude. 

Here I go, with a hint of hypocrisy (I'm human. I complain, too... DUH! However, I try to be mindful of the words I speak, the thoughts I think, and my perception of the world. Try, being the operative word). 

5 ways to stop complaining, now: 

1) Shut your dang trap. Our words have power over our day. Watch your tongue. When you feel like complaining hang up the phone, or force yourself not to say a word! Silence is golden. 

2) Put your thing down, flip it and reverse it.  Flip the script. Instead of complaining and picking out the negative in situations, identify the one great aspect! Like, "After loosing $7000, I learned an invaluable lesson in business" (this actually happened to me, lol), or, "Running in the rain actually felt refreshing". Look for the solution. Sure, your problems are legit, just like everyone else's... But we have the power to turn any negative into a positive, and a crappy day into the BEST. DAY. EVER. 

3) Get into your heart. Everyone has a soft, cuddly person inside them. It's just harder for some to access that softness than others. Give yourself a break. I get it, life is overwhelming sometimes, and maybe you feel like complaining because you're under too much stress. Maybe you need some love! Cuddle your dog, or hang out with your niece and have a dance party. Tell your family or loved one you need extra TLC today. Go to yoga. Listen to some good music, and drink a tea. Have a beer and laugh with your best friend. 

4) Hang out with someone who has bigger problems than you, and focus all your energy on helping them feel good. It is humbling to learn about someone's illness, or children whose basic needs aren't being met, or senior citizens who need company. Set a goal to lift someone up while you're in their company, with your attention, encouragement and fun attitude. This is one of the best secrets of life I've learned... It's a great way to make friends. Negativity is usually selfish, and helping others is selfless! 

5) Differentiate complaining vs. venting. I used to be Miss. Positivity! Never admitting my real feelings (I was scared of becoming depressed, because I used to suffer from depression.)... But life isn't perfect, and it's okay to share our feelings with others. Empathy from others can be powerful as we seek solutions or comfort. But, complaining about traffic, or friends behind their back daily isn't cathartic, it's toxic. 

Set a goal with me for the rest of the day to stop complaining. Every time you're about to say something crummy, try the tips above.

Remember, "If you jump on the complain train, you're headed straight to Depressed-ville"! Ha ha. 

Have a THE MOST beautiful day. 

Love Meghan