5 Magical Ways of Thinking That Will Change Your Life

5 Magical Ways of Thinking That Will Change Your Life

1) Say positive things about other people, and they'll start to live up to your words. Ex: When you're talking to your spouse, remind them how much you appreciate how caring and loving they are to you. They'll start to act more caring and loving. 

2) Live in a fantasy, and eventually your dreams and reality start to match up. I used to miss the bus on my way home from university sometimes, because I was fantasizing about my makeup career... And the CRAZIEST part, is so much of what I used to wish for is my life now. 

3) Hard work always pays off in some way or another, so hustle your little butt!!! If you want more from your life, and it's feeling blasé, work overtime, be more disciplined and watch doors open, opportunities arrive and massive shifts happen in the landscape of your life. 

4) Expect good results. Go into situations- relationships, work, family- with the expectation that everything is good, and working in your favour.  

5) Ignore negativity. I struggle with this sometimes because I miss things that are actually going on in my real life because I'm in a la-la land. Lots of people criticize me for wearing rose coloured glasses and not being real about my feelings... But I don't mind. Focusing on the positive helps me feel happy. As soon as I start to complain, criticize or judge I start to feel down.

It takes a strong mind to be positive, and positivity is essential to success and happiness. I'm convinced that mastering our own mind and being disciplined in our thinking and actions leads to the most abundant life possible. Look at people who are winners, I bet you a million bucks they think like this... Positive thinking is a choice and practice. 



P.s. I got new glasses: