Makeup Artist:

Nicole Wagner, form Powder Inc.  @powderincmakeup on Instagram. 

Class Location:

Edmonton Oct 1st, 7-10pm. Tickets here. (Facebook event, here)

Calgary Oct 3 4-7pm. Tickets here. (Facebook event, here

Who is Nicole Wagner?

Nicole is a Portland makeup artist, trained at Blanche MacDonald, specializing in bridal makeup. She has won best makeup artist in Oregon Bride Magazine in 2011, and 2014. Her company Powder Inc. has a team of makeup artists, and travels throughout North America teaching classes, and doing makeup. 

Nicole's makeup is OFF. THE. CHAIN. PERFECTION.

How Do I Know Nicole?

Jump back half a year ago. I contracted myself to a big makeup company who gave me the go ahead to contact big bloggers and makeup artists I admired to send product and interview for their blog. I chose the boss behind a big makeup company in LA, a beauty columnist for Cosmo Magazine, and Nicole Wagner from Powder Inc. 

Whether you're an established makeup artist, or regular woman looking to learn more about makeup, join us! In addition to being an amazing artist, Nicole is charismatic, and her energy and creativity inspires me 10x over every time we chat. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.