I get a lot of messages from people asking me, "how can I become a makeup artist, and should I go to school?" 

Here's a video detailing exactly how I got here- working full time as a makeup artist, lash tech., and nail tech. 


Step 1) I am have always been totally obsessed with makeup, and driven by creativity. 

Step 2) I developed my interests, by investing time, money and energy into makeup through classes, books, practice, other artists, work, etc. 

Step 3) I practice makeup, and share my love for makeup. 

Step 4) Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. 

I haven't been to school other than a 20hr course at Sen Studios (which was awesome). I have attended a handful of IMATS events, and go to as many short courses as I can. I am SO excited to attend the Flawless Face Basics: Makeup workshop for every day women with Nicole Wagner in Edmonton, Oct.1 7-10pm

I live and breath makeup artistry, so I am motivated to work hard simply because I enjoy doing makeup. I would do makeup for free, always, ha ha. Secret to life: Find what you love, and love it hard. 



P.s. Here's my very first makeup video, where I FREAK OUT with happiness after attending IMATS: